The markets are full of delicious and healthy looking fruits, meats and vegetables. You will find the vegetables crunchy, the fruits are sweet and colorful and the meats are lean and fresh. But do you even think how safe is the food that we are eating today? Is water enough to wash off the pesticide sprayed or injecting in those foods? Do you still want to take the risk if you know that water can’t do anything to rinsed off what’s inside of those foods? 

If only we could think the amount of chemical or pesticide we are ingesting every day. The cruel fact that most of the food we get to buy in the market today is not safe, sprayed with chemical and pesticides that have long-term consuming may affect your health. However, this problem can be avoided and has a solution, so you don’t have to worry. All you have to do is to choose the organic produce instead of just settling on any other. 

Organic products are food types which are grown with less pesticide. According to researchers, eating organic food has a lot of benefits compared to just consuming any type of product.
Organic Foods are more nutritious than the usual product we used to buy in the market. Researchers have found that organically grown products have doubled the nutrition over the commercially produced. Not only fruits and vegetables are organic, you can also found bread and pasta that made from organic flour which is healthier. Even other food choices such as wine, beer, milk, and eggs already have their organic counterparts. This is just good because according to research, alcoholic drinks such as beers and wines contain pesticides as they used commercially grown produce, milk as well that when used for a long period can cause cancer.  

Highly toxic chemicals which found in food is harmful to human, especially to our kids it can cause permanent brain alterations and behavioral problems if ingested from the time where the baby is in the process of brain growth. A truth but scary facts that we need to fight. In addition to health benefits of organic food, it was tastier whether it is raw or an extract like dairy products such as milk and cheese even liquors and other products uses in cooking. 

On the last decade, experts saw heightened consumer interest in restaurants serving organic food. Offering organic menu can benefit the food purveyors and this is a clear result, as we can see the emerging of Green Restaurants everywhere in the world. Just in South Carolina alone, top restaurants like MayFels is turning toward organic ingredients when it comes to preparing their food. In fact, they are even commissioning the aid of organic farms in the same area. They’ve also started growing their own organic vegetables, organic farm eggs, meat and other products. It will definitely want you to order their proudly fresh organic dishes. 

By choosing organic food, we can prevent the negative effects chemical can cause to our health. However, not everyone can afford to buy organic products due to the relatively higher price they have compared to those that are not organic. Good thing that at Mayfels, not only are these organic foods accessible, they are extremely affordable too. They are reasonably priced like when you choose to sell my house California.