Simple Garage Door Maintenance Routines to Avoid Serious Damages

If you keep your garage door maintained, you will never need frequent garage door repair. If your garage door is more than 10 years old, it is wise to replace it immediately. Recent models of garage doors are the best combination of advanced technology and modern structure that are more efficient and safer than older models.

Remember that an old or broken garage door is one of the easiest points of access for someone who wants to break into your house.  Therefore call professional Wayne Dalton garage door repair companies to replace your old garage door to ensure the security of your car, house, and family.

Fortunately, you don’t have to spend a huge amount of money to fix the garage door problems. You can perform some simple maintenance checkups to avoid costly fixes. As I believe prevention is always better than treatment so I will share some tips that you should follow when it concerns making sure that your garage door will be functioning correctly in many years to come.

  • Periodic inspection to avoid garage door repair:

Use this technique as a routine practice and inspect the hardware and operating mechanism of the garage door. Examine the garage door thoroughly by keeping it closed.  The garage door is constructed with hardware and an operating system; you need to spend enough time inspecting them. Examine the garage door tracks, hinges, brackets, and springs thoroughly to find out the issues such as loosened screws and dented tracks. If something is not in the right working order, you can fix it yourself or call professional help.

  • Conduct the balance test:

If you have an automatic garage door, disconnect the garage door opener to open and close it by hand. Your garage door should be opened and closed smoothly without demanding too much effort. If you notice any resistance, call professional garage door guys to fix the issue before it worsens.

  • Check the reversal system:

This test is performed to make sure that the safety features of your garage door are working properly. Automatic garage doors are installed with a reserve mechanism to stop and back the garage door when there is an obstruction on its way. Lift the garage door to open it completely and place a soft object in its path. Now close the garage door, it should be stopped and reverse automatically when it comes in contact with the object. If it does not, call a professional garage door technician immediately to address the problem. 

Routine garage door maintenance plays an important role in the functionality and longevity of garage doors. Cleaning the hardware, oiling the moving parts, and tightening the loose components are all simple jobs that can be done in no time and they have cost you nothing. A little bit of effort and attention can keep your garage door functioning properly.