Performance Of Garage Door Springs

Garage door springs that are located above the garage door opening are normally referred to as “garage door torsion springs”. There are two types of springs used on garage doors, one is torsion springs and the other is extension springs.

These springs are mounted either on the top or sides of the garage door. They are wounded tightly on a constant diameter bar which is made from steel to maintain and adjust the necessary tension.

Like other mechanical devices, these springs are going to malfunction or break over time, no matter how well they are maintained. Normally, one spring breaks, and due to the imbalanced movement of the garage door, the other good spring breaks quickly too. While replacing extension springs is relatively easy to replace than torsion springs but it can be an extremely dangerous project. There are reported deaths and injuries cases due to the broken springs so, if you are not great with fixing malfunctioning things around your home, it is better to call professional garage door technicians that offer emergency garage door repair to deal with it.

If you really want to handle the garage door spring replacement project on your own, you should follow the safety measurement. Make sure that you wear the proper safety gear, sturdy eyewear, and make sure that have a skilled partner there to support you. It is obvious without saying that buy high-quality parts for garage door spring adjustment and replacement. Wind the tension of springs correctly to make sure that the whole replacement is firmly connected to the frame of the garage door.  While winding the springs, make sure that you use a steel bar that is not complicated. Don’t forget that the potential violent could be harmed if something goes wrong with your garage door.

Garage door torsion springs are likely the first parts to go bad, and the extension springs will also break eventually. These springs are wounded tightly to generate and release the tension during the lifting and lowering process of the garage door.

To get the right idea of which type of springs you will need on your garage door, you will have to determine the weight of the garage door. Knowledge of garage door models and materials is also beneficial. Don’t compromise on the quality of garage door springs when you are going to buy the replacement parts especially with something as important as springs. If you go for the premium quality springs, you won’t have to worry about replacing the springs anytime soon.