Need Professional Garage Door Services

Nothing is more annoying than getting stuck inside or outside the garage door waiting for it to open. You may wish at that time there was some magic trick to open the garage door easily. After years of usage, automatic garage doors tend to start malfunctioning. Your garage door needs regular maintenance and care from professional garage door companies like, Alief garage door repair if you expect your garage door to work properly.

Garage door repair tasks may not be necessary:

Most garage door problems are small that can be fixed easily. When your garage door does not open or close perfectly, don’t just jump to the conclusion that it needs to be replaced at once. Some garage door problems are simple to resolve without the need for professional assistance. Try these simple techniques to see if they work. There are some common reasons why the garage door does not open or close.

  • Check the remote:

Inspect the remote to see if it is working or not. Often the problem gets resolved when you check the remote for battery power. In case, you are able to open the garage door manually but not with the help of a remote, then the garage door remote is faulty.

  • Power cables are not plugged in correctly:

It is a common problem. When the garage door does not open, first of all, check if the garage door opener is powered on and plugged in properly. If it is, try plugging it into a different socket. There is a chance that there may not be a sufficient power supply in the original socket.

  • No clear  line of sight:

Automatic garage doors are equipped with safety sensors that have photodetectors that need a clear line of sight to function properly. These safety sensors are used to sense the obstructions on the path of the garage door while closing. If sensors are misplaced, the garage door will not open or close properly. Make sure nothing is blocking the path of the photo eyes of sensors. Sometimes lens gets murky or dirty which will not function clearly. As a part of regular maintenance activities, clean the lens using a clean damp cloth.

  • Garage door spring problems:

There is a high chance that garage door springs that are responsible to lift or lower the garage door are not functioning properly. In this situation don’t try to handle it on your own. Contact a professional garage door technician to get the broken springs replaced. This job needs special expertise, tools, and knowledge to ensure that your garage door is safe to use. 

  • Garage door cable problems:

In case garage door cables broke, they need a replacement immediately. It is a good idea to replace the broken cables as a part of a routine maintenance program. Garage door cables can snap anytime which can be dangerous during the opening and closing process of the garage door. It should be better handled by a garage door specialist.

Garage Door

 Check these things before calling a professional garage door service. If none of the above solves the issues then it is the right time to call reputed garage door companies to do the job. Do not try to attempt anything by yourself as it may lead to injuries or further damages to the equipment.