Garage door repair and maintenance service

All roll-up garage doors function on torsion springs, whether manually operated or automatically. These garage doors run on metal tracks that are mounted on sidewalls of the garage. Garage door torsion springs are connected to a rolling shaft. There is a cable in the shaft that runs down up and down to the bottom of the shutter and lifts the garage door up and down by coiling and re-coiling the force of springs when energy is generated and released. The necessity of garage door repair may be needed when the garage door will not close due to the failure of torsion springs.

Smooth movements of the garage door may get stuck due to the bent, faulty, or blocked garage door tracks. Basically garage door springs are designed to function with an expected life of 10,000 cycles of smooth movements. Faulty alignment of tracks or failure of other components can be easily handled through simple repair and maintenance projects. Sometimes, it becomes compulsory to go for the complete garage door replacement due to the demanding working order of the garage door. It also becomes necessary when the homeowner is going for a complete modification and renovation of the building. 

Over time, garage door springs become loose due to extreme pressure on them. Modern garage doors are made from several materials which are strong and reliable than old ones. The garage door needs repair in case of mechanical failure of the garage door due to broken springs.

Basically, the life of springs depends on the number of cycles garage doors are opened or closed. In the case of automatic garage doors, the number of cycles is increased due to the convenience of use. Other needs for the repairing may relate to structural faults of cables, tracks, and damaged mounting brackets. Minor dents of tracks can be easily fixed. But heavily dented tracks should be replaced for desirable security.

On the safe side, you should check the tracks to find out loose parts which cause misalignment. Examine the garage door by keeping it closed. Better to inspect it from inside the garage. Proper alignment of tracks is important. The straightness and alignment of tracks can be checked using a level. Both tracks must be at the same height. The top track should slightly tilt downward towards the back of the garage. Garage door alignment is a tricky task that needs professional expertise. In case, you have any doubt about your abilities to manage the tracks, it is suggested to for professional help.

Lubrication of tracks for smooth operations is also compulsory. You may use a lubricant spray or graphite powder for the lubrication of tracks. Oiling is good for moving parts like pulleys and rollers. Remember to take care of the automatic garage door unit; it is better to consult garage door experts instead of handling it on your own. Such jobs can be handled by professional garage door companies against certification under trade practices. Garage door repair and replacement involve high risk due to the strong pulling force of springs and the involvement of electricity in the automatic garage doors.