Garage Door Problems and How to Troubleshoot Them

Garage doors are designed to last longer but they will eventually break and need the aid of professional garage door technicians to make them functional again. You might have experienced one of the common malfunctionings. You should hire professional garage door technicians for the garage door repair project.

  • Cocked garage door:

A garage door that does not open or closes completely goes to one side, or sticks on its tracks is a clear indication that your garage door has worn pulleys or frayed cables. If the mechanism does not open and closes then the garage door is not operational. A qualified and trained garage door technician can help you to determine if your garage door needs full replacement or just one or two parts fixing. In some situations, detailed cleaning and lubrication will resolve the malfunctioning at a minimal cost.   

  • Stuck garage door:

A stuck garage door that will neither open nor close is caused by broken cables, bent tracks, or damaged panels. If garage door springs are broken, you should call experienced garage door technicians to replace them. To this after making sure that the garage door opener is fully functional. If the opener is malfunctioning then try to operate the garage door manually or replace the batteries of the opener.

  • Loud bang sounds:

If you listen to the loud bang sounds before it stops functioning, it shows that springs have broken. You need to hire a professional garage door company to replace the broken springs. Don’t try to handle it on your own as it is a quite dangerous job and you will end up with more damage. Check the remaining mechanism to ensure you don’t need a second service call.

  • Squeaking garage door:

If garage door opening and closing is done by loud squeaking sounds, then dry bearings, hinges, or rollers may be causing the sounds. These types of problems can easily be fixed by cleaning and lubricating the garage door parts. You can avoid these issues by taking professional services periodically. Failure to lubricate can lead to unwanted wear and tear and eventually need experience solutions.

  • Garage door opens and does not close:

A garage door that does not open and close can be easily fixed by cleaning the photo eye of sensors that are located on the bottom of the garage door near the ground. Dust and debris on the sensors can fool the mechanism into believing that something is under the garage door. In this situation, the garage door will not close as a safety precaution. If the dirt is not a problem, call a professional garage door company near you to align the sensors.