Vegetable peelers are a must have for any kitchen and choosing one from hundreds of available online can become a huge challenge if you don’t know what you are looking for.

Basically the first thing that you have to know is there are two types of peelers available in the market. There is a Y-Shaped and then there is Swivel. Incase you don’t know what they are then read below for a complete explanation.

Just to quickly summarize our selection of the two are these.

Best Vegetable Peelers (2016!)

Best Y-Shaped Peeler

OXO Good Grips Y Peeler

oxo y peelerThis peeler by OXO has been loved and praised by so many it’s not even funny. A Y peeler which comes with durable grip that lasts a long time and sharp blades that form more then expected.

This peeler can work great from everything from an apple to a cucumber. At the price it is available it is definitely a steal.


Best Swivel Peeler

swivel peelerKuhn Rikon Piranha Swivel Peeler

If you want something that comes with amazing grip, dishwasher friendly and feels to good to use then this is the swivel to go for.

Basically this knife comes wrapped with a silicone cover that makes sure the grip in your hand remains tight and you don’t slip. The bright color design also helps with the fact that you can spot it from far in your kitchen drawer without looking too hard for it.

Difference between Y and Swivel Peeler

Generally speaking you are using either one of these peelers in your kitchen and the most simple answer to why it will be is because they are easy to use and learn. Essentially to peel you are either pulling towards yourself or pushing it outside, and for the ease of use is why we use vegetable peeler. On the other hand you can also try getting an electric vegetable peeler.

  • The straight Y peelers require less wrist movement as you take one side at a time and push the peel outside.
  • The swivel peelers require rotation and movement in wrist so that you are getting all the sides of the vegetable easily.

Uses Of Each

Since a straight Y peeler does not turn well it is great to use it to peel straight vegetables like carrots etc. Whereas a swivel peeler is easy to use on round and circular shaped vegetables which means you can use it to easily peel through tomatoes etc.

Basically since a Y peeler is great for straight cuts it is ideal to use it when you want to peel large numbers of straight vegetables.

You can also peel them and put them in a electric humidor which contains a cigar humidifier to help store it fresh for longer.

Our Selection of Best Peelers

In our two selection we have selected the best in each category so you can buy them with confidence and keep them around in your kitchen.

This way whenever you want to peel any kind of vegetable you can do it quickly and easily. They aren’t expensive too so it is a good idea to just keep them around for those days when you need them suddenly.