About Us

Here’s what Mayfel’s is all about:

  • Mayfel’s only serve fresh foods with ingredients straight from local farms. Yes, we patronize only local farmers and vendors. Not only does this mean a cheaper cost because we can do away with importations, but this also translates to unnecessary chemicals being eliminated to keep the produce fresh for use.
  • Have we mentioned that our food is made of only organic ingredients? That is right. We always try to eliminate any ingredient that has to do with chemicals.
  • “Fast-food” is a no-no. Mayfel’s only serve home cook meals. Although there are dishes that take time to cook, but the quality of our dishes is not something that we will compromise. All foods here are slow-cooked to maintain the taste and the goodness of every dish.
  • We support the local business by making them our partners from time to time. As a stand-alone business in this community, we understand the significance in supporting small and local businesses. As such, we make this our top priority. We want to be an instrument of their success. So don’t be surprised if from time to time, you’ll see an additional shelf other locally made products at our store.
  • We are a strong believer that good food should not come at a high price. We want only the healthiest food available to all levels of individuals in the community without discrimination.
  • We are a strong believer that supporting charitable institutions is a way to develop the community. Every once in a while we conduct fund-raisers that aim to provide for the needs of our chosen institutions. We go from selling special delicacies, hand-woven materials, and even hosting contests and parties that generate profits. This, in turn, is used to conduct events such as feeding programs, and gift giving.
  • We also value the importance of your animal friends. We are pet lovers as well, this is why our restaurant is considered to be one of the most pet-friendly restaurants in the country.