Update Your Home Today With New Garage Door Installation

Switch out your traditional carriage style garage door with the new overhead garage door. After all, a new garage door installation is a great option to get the benefits of improved energy-efficiency and charming style.

Whether your wooden garage door is crumbling or rotted or your vinyl garage door is not efficient more to keep your place warm enough, overhead garage door installation is a great and excellent option for improving the appurtenance, look, and functionality of garage door. Among the huge variety of materials, styles, and performance strength available today, new garage door installation is the easiest and simplest way to make your place comfortable. Contact a professional garage door company to get more details about overhead garage doors. You may think that how is the best and local garage door installers near me, browser the Google, Yahoo, or any other good search engine to find out the most suitable option for you. 

Nowadays, overhead garage doors are available in a variety of designs and styles. From traditional paneled garage doors to the carriage house garage doors, you can choose anything which brings out the best in your home. The garage door with glass windows is an ideal option for letting the natural light in and make a great style statement due to the architectural looks. Among the single and double spaced options available, the selections for a particular garage door is practically limitless. Professional garage door technicians may be able to provide valuable suggestions about which type of garage door is best according to your needs and budget. 

Other important considerations when it concerns installing a new garage door includes material strength, functionality, and energy efficiency. Modern insulated overhead garage doors are a great option for you if you want to reduce the energy bills. They help you to keep your place cool and warn by keeping energy bills down and make your garage door comfortable even during extreme weather. Materials of garage door bring a major difference in the look, style, and durability of the new garage door. Wooden garage doors look excellent but they have the trend to rotting and wear and tear due to certain climate conditions. Vinyl is a lightweight, durable, and strong option but needs low maintenance. Metal garage doors can be heavy and operated with the help of a garage door opener due to its weight.

Consult with garage door technician to get more specifications about the strength, performance, pros, and cons of vinyl, wood, and steel garage door materials.

Remember, overhead garage door installation is best left to the professional garage door contractor. Professional garage door specialists can help you ensure that your garage door is installed properly to enhance the performance and beauty of the garage door. Call a professional overhead garage door technician now to fulfill your dreams of the new garage door.

The markets are full of delicious and healthy looking fruits, meats and vegetables. You will find the vegetables crunchy, the fruits are sweet and colorful and the meats are lean and fresh. But do you even think how safe is the food that we are eating today? Is water enough to wash off the pesticide sprayed or injecting in those foods? Do you still want to take the risk if you know that water can’t do anything to rinsed off what’s inside of those foods? 

If only we could think the amount of chemical or pesticide we are ingesting every day. The cruel fact that most of the food we get to buy in the market today is not safe, sprayed with chemical and pesticides that have long-term consuming may affect your health. However, this problem can be avoided and has a solution, so you don’t have to worry. All you have to do is to choose the organic produce instead of just settling on any other. 

Organic products are food types which are grown with less pesticide. According to researchers, eating organic food has a lot of benefits compared to just consuming any type of product.
Organic Foods are more nutritious than the usual product we used to buy in the market. Researchers have found that organically grown products have doubled the nutrition over the commercially produced. Not only fruits and vegetables are organic, you can also found bread and pasta that made from organic flour which is healthier. Even other food choices such as wine, beer, milk, and eggs already have their organic counterparts. This is just good because according to research, alcoholic drinks such as beers and wines contain pesticides as they used commercially grown produce, milk as well that when used for a long period can cause cancer.  

Highly toxic chemicals which found in food is harmful to human, especially to our kids it can cause permanent brain alterations and behavioral problems if ingested from the time where the baby is in the process of brain growth. A truth but scary facts that we need to fight. In addition to health benefits of organic food, it was tastier whether it is raw or an extract like dairy products such as milk and cheese even liquors and other products uses in cooking. 

On the last decade, experts saw heightened consumer interest in restaurants serving organic food. Offering organic menu can benefit the food purveyors and this is a clear result, as we can see the emerging of Green Restaurants everywhere in the world. Just in South Carolina alone, top restaurants like MayFels is turning toward organic ingredients when it comes to preparing their food. In fact, they are even commissioning the aid of organic farms in the same area. They’ve also started growing their own organic vegetables, organic farm eggs, meat and other products. It will definitely want you to order their proudly fresh organic dishes. 

By choosing organic food, we can prevent the negative effects chemical can cause to our health. However, not everyone can afford to buy organic products due to the relatively higher price they have compared to those that are not organic. Good thing that at Mayfels, not only are these organic foods accessible, they are extremely affordable too. They are reasonably priced like when you choose to sell my house California. 


Feel free to explore the sumptuous feast we offer. By now, let us warn you that our food here is the food for one’s soul. When you start tasting the delicious meals we have to offer, you are guaranteed to keep coming back for more.

We take pride to providing you only the best dishes you could have in this South part of the country. Together with that, we provide good hospitality too.  You could consider us a home away from home.  We do not only provide food here, we also nurture camaraderie between our staff and our customers. Learn more about our great chefs as they go around checking out on how you are enjoying your meals; Be informed about what to do, and the nice places to visit from your hosts/hostesses; Enjoy good drinks and interesting stories from your bartenders. At the end of your meal, you’ll not only go home with a satisfied stomach but memories of great friends as well.

Restaurant Hours:

Monday:                              10am – 10pm

Tuesday:                              CLOSED

Wednesday:                       CLOSED

Thursday:                            10am – 10pm

Friday:                                  10am – 10pm

Saturday:                            9am – 10pm

Sunday:                               9am – 10pm

* Dinner menu starts at 4:30pm each day *

Courtyard Bar Hours:

The Courtyard Bar is open seasonally during warmer weather from mid April through mid November. The bar stays open late each night after the restaurant closes depending on business that evening.

Thursday & Monday 5pm – until….. pretty late

Friday, Saturday & Sunday noon – until…. very late night

Contact Information and Location:

Located right across from Pritchard Park on the corner of Haywood & College.

22 College Street, Asheville, NC, 28801

Email – info@mayfels.com

“Serving up southern hospitality one delicious dish at a time.”

Mayfel’s Restaurant is often featured in local and national magazines due to its “cute” ambiance. See it to believe it. Cute is definitely what you will use when you see the nice little thatched roof of the building that gives the homey feel to its diners. It looks like a restaurant straight from fairytale books with fairy lights surrounding it and an elegant glass garage door emphasizing its beauty especially at night. Serviced by the best Tempe garage door service, You will be amazed how the iridescent door makes the landscape more magical.

Mayfel’s also boasts of good music, great food aside. There are live performances from local bands, individual singers, and performers day and night. Friday night is often special because singers from other places are invited. You are lucky if you go there one Friday, and your favourites are the entertainers of the house. You can enjoy the sights & sounds from our covered front patio while enjoying a great meal and refreshing drinks.

We are also pet-friendly, having our furry friends ourselves. We have a special place for them as you party, or you could just let them stay with you – your choice. As long as your pets are housebroken, we can all enjoy the night away. So what are you waiting for? Head now to this part of South Carolina and get a taste of Mayfel’s!